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What does Xpedio do?

In successful organisations people have clear ways of working and competency for open, constructive communication. We excel in developing them both together, so that You can thrive. Xpedio provides award-winning facilitation with strong focus on tying fluent way of working and communication together.

What makes us unique?

  • We’ll create with you rock-solid, empowering change processes and the skills needed to keep the change alive.
  • We master the design and delivery of effective, engaging single events, as well as longer processes, in every detail.
  • The group experiences led by us are engaging, creative, fun and focused. Also online!
  • When underlying issues related to the change emerge, we offer you a safe environment and tools to deal with them, finding the way forward.
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What do we concretely do?

In these training and facilitation solutions, we focus on developing skills and strategies that help to solve complex problems, enhance meaningful communication, and develop leadership skills.

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How does it look like in practice?

Check what the participants of our facilitation training say.

Who are we?

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    We are a group of enthusiastic professional facilitators with an international background and experience in group process design, collaboration methods, conflict resolution and mediation, lean process & project development, as well as leadership development.

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    We base our work on a combination of academic research and hands-on knowledge about change. We constantly track and pilot the latest technologies to support first class facilitation and organisational change in post Covid19 era. Our facilitation practice is guided by the competences and ethical principles of The International Association of Facilitators.

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How can we get started?

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