Xpedio is
a change facilitation company.

We offer top class facilitation solutions to support organisations with creating strategies to success in the digital era. We enable building high performing cultures with internal capacity to create change. 

The trainings we offer equip leaders with concrete skills of facilitative leadership, to show direction and engage their teams and stakeholders, in order to move fast together.

Our Xpedio Academy training programme is designed to build all the competences of a professional facilitator, whether internal or external.

Our Services


Organisational culture
development and
culture integration

We support teams, individuals and entire organisations holistically in developing their culture and in culture integrations.


We facilitate agile strategy processes. Identifying megatrends, vision definition, analysis of the operative environment and market, as well as strengthening the organisational culture to support the strategy may all be part of the strategy work. 


We support active communication between the management and personnel in different phases of the strategy process, to encourage personnel commitment and smoothen the implementation, as well as to take advantage of the wisdom present all over the organisation.


Our facilitation skills trainings aim at building robust, competent facilitators who can foster participatory development and drive change within organisations.

Participatory Leadership and Managerial Skills

The programs we offer on leadership and managerial development are designed based on the client organisations’ needs.


Good communication skills are of utmost importance for succeeding in managerial and expert roles. We offer participatory, insightful and practical trainings on different aspects of communication.


"Mirjami is a very positive and highly qualified facilitator. I warmly recommend her as facilitator to different organizational development events."

Janne Sariola,

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