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Do you need high quality facilitation for your online or offline workshop? The versatile methods, combined with professional facilitation, provide you an insightful and inclusive experience with concrete and clearly documented results.

Wish to strengthen your online or offline facilitation skills yourself? We provide dynamic, interactive trainings to equip you with creating and conducting participatory meetings, to create a strong connection with your clients or team members. Contact us to learn more.

Xpedio provides award-winning, high-quality facilitation to support organizations' success in a rapidly changing, digital environment. We help creating change processes that are truly involving, participatory and have concrete outcomes.


New book on facilitation

Comprehensive and practical guide for anyone who wants to deepen their knowledge and confidence in the participatory guidance of meetings and workshops, or facilitation.

`Varmuutta fasilitointiin´ provides clarity and insights into the role of facilitator. It offers tools for designing a facilitated process, choosing the methods and dealing with group dynamics needed to help the group to be at its best.

Through a series of practical case examples and easy-to-apply tips, the book describes the width of skills needed in facilitation and guides the reader to understanding on how to facilitate with success.

We are currently working on the translation in English of the book. Contact us to express your interest! Order the book in Finnish here.


"Mirjami is a very positive and highly qualified facilitator. I warmly recommend her as facilitator to different organizational development events."

Janne Sariola,

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