5 tips to build connection in remote meetings

As organizations around world have suddenly had to move all their non-manufacturing work to home offices, a remote meeting is not anymore just an occasional forum for co-working, but it has become the discussion channel for all kind of work, including sales, development of new strategies to cope with this unforeseen crisis, re-organizing work etc. While before the online meetings were considered a functional way of organizing certain kind of work, now we quickly need to adjust all the collaboration online. Fortunately, the technologies nowadays enable very sophisticated remote collaboration and we have many kinds of online meeting tools and applications available. Yet, what is most easily co

Leadership is not anymore for bosses only

People don’t leave jobs but bosses. This saying may sound a cliché, but at the same time it is more true than ever. When there is tough competition of skilled experts, the leadership culture is a significant differentiating factor. It is transmitted in employer image and it directly impacts the team wellbeing and performance. On the other hand, leadership is not anymore for bosses only, but it is distributed to a much wider group within organizations. Leadership is about influencing different types of stakeholders. It is about creating commitment amongst representatives of business units or departments, clients, suppliers or, for example, institutions that educate the future work force, to a

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