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7 steps to build a psychologically safe organizational culture  – also remote! 
Psychological safety and emotional climate management have become a topic of conversation in many organizations. In this post, we’ve put together a few tips to help you promote a psychologically safe work environment today. 
It’s tempting to choose the quick and easy – but is it really worthwhile?
When the situation is on, so to speak, we tend to find a quick and easy-to-implement solution to the situation. It's about survival and reflexive action. This skill has helped us humans develop and survive.
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Do you also feel the pain of corrective feedback?
I attended this session where I felt I was wasting my time. I thought I knew what the goal was, but maybe I had misunderstood. I felt disengaged and confused. I thought of many other better ways I could’ve used my time. 
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Dive into your processes with LEGO® Serious Play®
Plan. Do. Check. Act. Repeat. Easier said than done when it comes to complex processes and needs to drive a larger scale change, such as moving to agile development or becoming customer obsessed organization.
Connection Building
5 tips to build connection in remote meetings
As organizations around world have suddenly had to move all their non-manufacturing work to home offices, a remote meeting is not anymore just an occasional forum for co-working...
Pointing Fingers
Who´s to blame? Breaking the habit of pointing fingers.
Do you know the feeling when you are supposed to do your tasks and something you need is just not there? What are your first reactions, at home or at work?
Life Begins at The End
There’s no going back – and facilitation needs to change also
I so miss meeting people with physical and social closeness, without screens, without concerns, without masks or obsession with hand sanitizers. Just enjoy the moment of being together. Do you feel the same?
Leadership is not anymore for bosses only
People don’t leave jobs but bosses. This saying may sound a cliché, but at the same time it is more true than ever. When there is tough competition of skilled experts...

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