Denison Model

Better performance with Denison Model

Denison Model is an insightful globally used tool, with a solid scientific background, for analysing and developing the organisational culture. The model focuses organisation’s attention to those traits of their culture that directly impact the performance. Through the Denison model organisations get hold of the current state of their culture and are better equipped to take improvement steps to the right direction.


Denison Model provides results of the culture in visual, easy-to-capture form. In addition, it provides a channel for revealing the underlying beliefs and assumptions in a culture. This way the development actions are directly connected to the root causes that need to be solved, to enable sustainable organisational development.


With Denison Model it is easy to monitor the impact of the development actions through a lighter “Change monitor” –survey. Additional content modules are also available to track employee commitment, organisational innovation, employee engagement, organizational trust, safety, or risk management.


Denison Leadership Development 360 measures leaders’ performance on a set of 12 leadership behaviours that are directly linked to high performing business culture.


Xpedio is a certified partner of Denison Consulting. We use Denison Model as part of organisational development processes, especially in situations of change, merger or acquisition, onboarding of a new director, or strategy development. The processes are complemented by other services offered by us.

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