Facilitation Skills

Our facilitation skills trainings aim at building robust, competent facilitators who can foster participatory development and drive change within organisations by using online, offline and blended methods.


Our trainings are experience-based to enable smooth, practical application of the learning.


We offer trainings in different levels and topics, and always design them carefully to match the organisation's and group's needs. Depending on the specific need and goals, the trainings can be carried out either online, offline or including both. The topics of our facilitation trainings typically are:


  • Gaining confidence in the role of facilitator and understanding the boundaries of the role

  • Creating a safe atmosphere for the group to flourish

  • Methods for activating discussion (online / offline)

  • Methods for different phases of a workshop and for different needs through practice (online / offline)

  • Methods Laboratory: Practising and receiving feedback on facilitation exercises (online / offline)

  • Tools for designing objective-led meetings and events, or longer facilitated processes

  • Understanding and handling different group dynamics

  • Dealing with emotions and conflict within the group

  • Engaging different stakeholders


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