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Infinity Trademarks

– facilitated solutions for radical self-development

Infinity Trademarks are globally recognized learning solutions to facilitate individual and organizational self-actualization. These solutions are radical, totally creative and enlightening – unlike anything your organization has experienced earlier.


Infinity is an internationally established company with offices in Rome, Milan, New York and Shanghai. It is known for its excellence in creativity following new track in organizational development and managerial education.


Xpedio is proud to be Infinity’s partner and a licensed Trademark facilitator, bringing for the first time the Infinity Trademarks available also in Finnish language. We use Infinity Trademarks in particular as accelerators and mindset challengers in the processes of culture and leadership development in our client organizations.


Infinity Trademarks are learning solutions for organizations that want to be one step ahead, experience something totally new or those that are looking for an accelerated learning path to its people and teams. Infinity Trademarks are particularly suitable for organizations that believe that true development happens through major self–awareness.

Here are only a few examples
of Infinity Trademarks solutions

POLARIS is a workshop for regaining joy in personal and professional life. The workshop is built around seven modules; each one represents one star of the Ursa Minor constellation, each one introduces the participants to a source of joy for an individual and for the organization. POLARIS gives participants awareness of the resources that provide joy and energy, and that can be immediately taken advantage of in everybody’s work as well as individual life.


TROY is an insightful warrior school to sharpen negotiation skills, to interiorize a customer-centered approach and to shape own mind-set. TROY duplicates the best behavioral models of individuals to the group and highlights ideal actions related to real customer cases of participants. In TROY the learning happens by reliving the key moments of the epic conquest of the city of TROY. The creativity of participants is set free and it is connected to concrete objectives.


QUANTICO is an emotionally involving workshop that focuses on the clarification of roles and responsibilities helping the participants to gain new focus in own role. This new focus will be visible in concrete results and increased accountability. QUANTICO transforms organization’s people into Special agents with a program inspired by the FBI Academy.


FUTURAMA is a training to deal with complex work environments with success. Many organizations are facing major changes at the moment due to globalization, digitalization and the internal diversity. Futurama guides participants to explore their internal readiness to face increasing uncertainty, due to ambiguity, generational differences and transitional environments. This is not about skills but about attitudes and self-knowledge. We warmly recommend futurama to Senior management teams.


Other Infinity Trademark solutions deal with such topics as: leadership, entrepreurial spirit, time management, overcoming fears, energy…


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