Milla Mäkinen

Facilitator, Change Designer, M.Soc.Sc.

Milla is a Service Design Master Trainer and Coach accredited by the global Service Design Network. She is a solution-oriented and innovative facilitator and service designer with 15 years of experience in facilitating change in the most diverse environments around the globe. Milla has worked in designing change for Nicaragua, Ecuador, Somalia, Uganda, Kenya, Russia and all around Finland. Her career started in development cooperation, which is also the birth place of facilitation.


Milla is specialized in experience based, truly participatory facilitation and the use of service design as a framework for change management. She has plenty of experience from facilitating experimental organization culture and systemic change with the most diverse participants.


As a facilitator, Milla believes in giving boost to the use of group-based creativity in organizational development, concretizing abstract ideas to concrete prototypes or experiments, facilitating common understanding between diverse participants, developing the customer and worker experiences and result-oriented facilitation. She is also a PhD candidate in the Culture-Based Service Design Programme of the University of Lapland.


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Sinikalliontie 11, 02630 Espoo, Finland

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