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  • Do you want to improve your team's performance through building on individual strengths?
  • Do you wish to increase trust in your team?
  • Do you want to learn to lead diversity in teams?


Natural tendencies are our unconscious reaction models that we consider natural and normal. Becoming aware of own tendencies is insightful and helps to understand differences and strengths of different people, as well as own development areas as a lead and team member.

With the NATURAL TENDENCIES™ analysis we help individuals and groups to identify tendencies that are part of personality. Those tendencies are difficult to change, as they are considered partly innate and partly shaped by our environment. The NATURAL TENDENCIES™ analysis focuses on identifying and utilising these natural thinking styles. It can be thought of as interest analysis, as it foresees what naturally catches our interest and which kind of criteria we tend to prefer in our decision making.

With help of this method, groups become aware of the strengths of their members’ different styles. The analysis recognises the strongest elements of a person’s thinking, on which they should base their contribution in the team, as well as further development. The underlying belief is that we succeed better in our work and life when we have the possibility to use our natural strenghts, rather than focus on correcting our weaknesses.

We use NATURAL TENDENCIES™ analysis in our leadership, facilitation and communication trainings, as well as in team development processes and individual coaching paths.

About the Analysis

The NATURAL TENDENCIES™ analysis is an identification of own natural thinking style, done as self-assessment survey. The basic ideas of the survey come from C.G. Jung’s type theories and tools that utilise them across the world. The self-assessment consists of 36 affirmations and answering to them takes about 10 minutes. The analysis results are shared in an individual or a group session.

The NATURAL TENDENCIES™ analysis is a valuable support tool in:

  • Team dynamics development
  • Team or project team communication development
  • Leadership development
  • Self-leadership and self-awareness
  • Client relations
  • Change management
  • Conflict resolution processes

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