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We have complementary backgrounds and expertise areas that enable supporting organisations in change management holistically, as well as deep dive in a specific topic. What we have in common is the same ambition to provide an outstanding experience to our customers with care, integrity and transparency. We all base our facilitation practice on the Core Competences and Code of Ethics of The International Association of Facilitators. Most of all, working with us is easy, smooth and fun. You can kick us in the back if you hear consulting jargon from us. We want to learn to speak your language, at whatever area of the organisation.

Mirjami Sipponen-Damonte
Managing DirectorFacilitator, CPF | Master
Minna Onnela,
Facilitator, Lean Kaizen LeaderBSC
Maria Kausto-Turner
Trainer, Certified Business Coach®MBA
Sean Blair,
Facilitator, CPFBA
Annika Varjonen,
Strategy VisualizersGraphic Facilitator

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