• Mirjami Sipponen-Damonte

Enabling participation and feedback

When the summer has finally arrived in Finland as well, it's a good moment to look back at the spring and reflect on what I’ve learnt and what I’ve most enjoyed. I wanted to share with you three highlights:

Professional Facilitator Training Programme

In April we celebrated the graduation of eight participants from our Professional Facilitator Training Programme called Xpedio Academy. This journey of 3,5 months with eight training days enabled me to accompany these enthusiastic facilitators for a piece of their professional and life journey.

I talked today with one of our graduates and she said the programme had enabled her to reflect on the role of facilitator in different settings, and on the other hand practice facilitative approach in everyday work, outside the workshops. The best feedback was that she has been able to spar her husband and enable him to have some successful facilitation experiences at work!

In April I spent three days in Bilbao to train local innovation directors, university professors and HR experts on the role of facilitator. The topics and the challenges are clearly similar in different parts of Europe. The traditional hierarchical way of managing organisations, change and societal development is simply too slow and ineffective. Innovation requires empowerment and enabling different, also critical voices to be heard, but with a structure. Change requires personal engagement and possibility to contribute. Professional facilitation skills enable people in different roles to succeed with the participatory approach.

Next Xpedio Academy starts in November, see here for more information!

Making strategy alive with Lego Serious Play

I’ve had very exiting opportunities to work on strategy alignment with leadership teams and managers, using the Lego Serious Play method. Most rewarding has been the chance to see how the communication and collaboration has evolved after such workshops. Lego Serious Play gently forces people to move behind business jargon and express what they really think, as well as listen to each other. Most of all it enables creating true shared understanding and narrative that can be told in a consistent way. This week I will be working with a city government to help them to align and collaborate around their strategy. Check also our new video on the topic!

Developing feedback skills

I have had the chance to train all the managers and directors of a big manufacturing company on how to give feedback, as part of their performance management model. This topic is very close to my heart, as with well-structured feedback, combined with empathetic listening, we can do miracles in terms of performance and motivation. It all starts from giving specific feedback on observable positive behaviours – to build on your employees’ and colleagues’ strengths.

Now I’d love to hear from you. What have your highlights of the spring been?


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