• Robin Gustafsson & Mirjami Sipponen-Damonte

Do you recognise a facilitator for the digital era?

Organisations are gradually waking up to the fact that the foundations of doing business and developing organisations have changed from the earlier, non-digital era. Platforms, ecosystems and crowd sources challenge the previously successful ways of doing business.

In this situation many organisations and organisational cultures find themselves unprepared for the transformation needed. They don’t have the capacity to change, especially not as fast as necessary.

This situation requires internal reinvention of companies, while letting go of habitual structures and mindsets, in order to be successful in the fast paced competitive business environment.

What is also new to this era is that there are no ready-made recipes of success. In order to define a path towards successful future, the collective wisdom and experience within the companies and their stakeholders needs to be captured. The organisational transformation happens as a joint endeavour rather than an outsider driven change management project.

Instead of external strategy consultants, organisations now need new kinds of professionals, individuals who master the many methods of professional facilitation. Such facilitators can support the creation of digital and platform strategies, skilfully guide organisational adaptation and transformation. They need to be familiar with the changing business environment and the foundations of platform business, and design the most appropriate facilitation methods for the organisation.

Experienced professional facilitators have the capability to successfully facilitate dialogue, to enable organisations to establish joint insight, involvement and creativity. With a variety of participatory methods facilitators of digital era create a space where company leadership can study the complexity in business through non-biased insights, facilitate common language among management teams and their organisations, and foster the creation of commitment for leading organisations successfully through the business transformations.

Deep, shared understanding of the changing business environment and ability to take concrete actions in the right direction throughout the organisation are critical benefits of the kind of facilitation that leads organisations towards success in the digital era.

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