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Reshaping leadership through remote meeting practices

Over the last week I have been busy training almost 400 leaders from five continents on how to make Teams meetings more interactive. Due to the current crisis we have moved – across globe – from having some meetings virtual to having all meetings virtual. All this without any preparation time. In a moment of extreme complexity in our global community, in a moment of crisis in a huge amount of organizations, suddenly we need to be able to explore very complex issues, take difficult decisions, innovate unforeseen solutions and create connection with our customers – all online.

I believe that what worked before as a way of conducting remote meetings is not sufficient anymore. We need to pay much more attention to participant engagement, encouraging active participation, level of attention, extent of trust and psychological safety, as well as true presence. We need to help each other to provide our fullest potential, to come out from this crisis as winners, stronger than ever.

I’ve been very pleased to observe that many leaders in different countries have taken huge steps in developing the quality of their remote meetings in less than a month – and that they are looking for ways to improve further. It’s not only about meetings practices – it’s about the approach to the whole concept of leadership. Now, more than ever, it is time to develop our virtual leadership skills and enable teams to be successful by being more self-directed. It’s not about control, but about ensuring that the teams and individuals have all the support they need to work well and be well.

What do You think, how is leadership changing in this period of crisis?

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