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We look for a long-term, visible impact in our projects and are happy to work with organisations and leaders who are committed to that as well. We believe in long relationships and mutual growth through an open dialogue. Our clients are the centre of everything we do.

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Let's play – LEGO® Serious Play® method

Sweco Architects

Sweco Architects Story

The leaders of Sweco Architects decided to tackle their challenges in a workshop, led by the familiar facilitator. The method chosen was Lego Serious Play and the workshop was called Sweco Architects Story – what kind of stori is the one told about us?


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Red represents the business and yellow HR. Big lego bricks snap into their places and the tiger takes a big, determined leap on top of the model.


The situation in question is a facilitated workshop based on the Lego® Serious Play® method, in which a significant change in Destia’s HR organisation is about to be implemented. 

The HR organisation of Destia has been renewed during the last year; it has now been designed as a service that genuinely serves the needs of the business and personnel. The significant change has impact to Destia’s business model, as well as to the roles of every single employee in HR.


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Geodis Wilson

Participatory leadership and managerial skills 

Geodis Wilson is a globally operating logistics company with long traditions, owned by the French railways. The company employs around 70 people in Finland and is specialised in airfreight and ocean freight, as well as warehousing services. Pirjetta Peltola is company’s HR Manager since 2011. 


Geodis follows an international leadership standard Investors in People. Continuous personnel development and in particular collecting feedback and developing the work through feedback are part of the standard. 


Facilitation and communication skills were seen as specific development areas both for the organisation in general and for Pirjetta personally, connected with the standard. To develop these skills an external provider, Xpedio, was invited as support. ”I had heard a lot of positive things about Xpedio and Mirjami Sipponen-Damonte from a person I know, so it was easy to choose the partner for this development process” Pirjetta Peltola tells. 

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Pernod Ricard Finland

Towards a better functioning company with Compass

Pernod Ricard Finland is an affiliate of a global alcohol corporation producing wines and spirits. The company that has its main office in Helsinki and production site in Turku had produced good figures year after year, and grown even beyond the expectations. The difficult economical situation started however to have its impact also on the figures of the beverage company, and in 2014 it was facing its first layoffs.


The company management noticed soon that these layoffs not only resulted in decreasing business numbers, but also in general melancholy of the personnel. In order to solve the situation the management decided to act and put out the tender to various consultants in the field. The offered proposals and approaches varied a lot, but at the end the management chose unanimously to use the solution model of Xpedio.


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International facilitation award

Gold Facilitation Impact Award for Xpedio

Xpedio has received Gold Facilitation Impact Award together with Pernod Ricard Finland of highly successful facilitation work.


Facilitation Impact Awards are the most prestigious international awards honouring excellence in facilitation and its positive, measurable impact on organisations around the world.


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