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What is service design?

Service design is a facilitated co-creation process for analyzing and creating outstanding customer experiences and an organizational culture that nourishes them.

Is your service something the customers really need? Is it offered in a way they want it? Are your employees feeling well? Great! You can succeed to be one of the forerunners of the experience centric business.

Every organization’s service system is a combination of social, physical and digital elements. The way they look, sound, smell and feel all affect customer’s experience. Finding the services should also be smooth and easy. In other words, when the customers get to your service –be it digital or physical- they should say “wow, this is just for me!”. Customer experience is the feeling that the customer is left with when they exit your service system after having had interacted with your company through any of these elements. Customers, who leave with positive feelings, get engaged with your brand, product, service, and organization. Excellent customer experiences create higher value and competitive advantage

Outstanding employee experience is the backbone of superior customer experience. The human interaction within your service system is its most impactful element. The messages your staff reflect to the customers –be it through their words, behavior or expressions, are the most impactful channel to create outstanding customer experience. Happy, motivated, and dedicated staff members do not only get more engaged with your organisation but they also get your customers excited about your products, services and brand.

When your staff feels well and you offer what the customers actually need, in a way that they want it, you can succeed and be one of the forerunners of experience centric business.

Service design starts with gathering understanding about the current state of customer and employee experiences and ends with creating improvement experiments or easy-to-implement prototypes.

Choose the service you need to develop the experiences offered by your organization:

Customer Experience Assessment

We assess the current state of your customer experiences using the most suitable methods, such as interviewing, shadowing, design probes, workshops and analysis of your existing data. With the assessment you can find out whether your service is what the customers need, is it offered in the way they want it or not and what are the critical issues that should be tackled in order to improve the customer experiences delivered by your organization.

Employee Experience Assessment

You cannot get to the forefront of the experience-based market unless your employee experiences are outstanding. The employees’ feelings about the employer transfer directly to the customer through the countless encounters that employees have with them. We analyse the current state of employee experiences in your organization using carefully selected methods that suit your particular organization, such as interviews, shadowing, design probes, workshops and analysis of your existing data. This way you can discover the current state of employee experiences in your organization and the critical issues to be tackled to make them outstanding.

Customer Experience Design

Service design is an excellent tool for improving customer experiences. Customer experience design includes benchmarking and facilitating workshops in which solutions for the problems identified in the Customer Experience Assessment are designed together with the customers. The customer experience design process ends in concrete experiments or prototypes that can be easily implemented.

Employee Experience Design

Employee experiences can also be improved using the service design tool box. After the Employee Experience Assessment, the employee experience design can include benchmarking and facilitating workshops, in which the employees create together solutions for those problems that prevent their experience from being outstanding. They also develop together prototypes or experiments for putting the solutions for better employee experiences immediately into action.

Service Design Training & Coaching

Service design skills are necessary for embedding customer centricity into your organisational culture. We can tailor a service design training or individual coaching process for your organisation so that it answers to your specific needs. You will learn what service design is and how to use it in your organisation, in the specific position or process that you’re involved with. After attending our service design training, you will receive a certification issued by the Service Design Network.

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