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Craft Your Path to Success

The Art of Autonomy – Achieved through Expert Guidance

Imagine our services as a palette of personalized tools, ready to play their part in helping craft your full potential. Whether you’re looking for broad stroke changes or fine-point guidance and direction, you can mix and match our services to bring your change and progress goals to life.

With our support, your organisation can confidently paint a masterpiece of growth and achievement, knowing that each stroke is imbued with unwavering support.

At Xpedio, we value your autonomy and believe that your people are the artists behind their own success. Our expert facilitators are simply here to guide you through the selection and utilization of our toolbox’s resources. So get ready to mix and match our methods, tools, experience, and knowledge – fashioning a solid foundation for your company’s growth and achievement.

Because an artist’s work is never truly complete, we’ve made sure our services deliver sustainable results that will support you long after our collaboration ends.

Individual Coaching

Take your transformation management and leadership skills to the next level with Xpedio Individual Coaching. Designed for business leaders, managers, c-suite execs, and the like – this service will help you develop a sustainable leadership style that promotes contribution, collaboration, and open communication.

Team Development

Unlock the full potential of your team with Xpedio Team Development services. Let us help align everyone towards shared goals, boost communication and collaboration, and drive progress.

Facilitation Training

Through Facilitation Training, Xpedio empowers organizations to take control of their own progress. With a focus on providing the tools and techniques needed for successful facilitation, Xpedio helps organizations become autonomous and thrive. Remember, our goal is to grow alongside you until we’re needed no more.

Customized Development Workshops

Looking to revamp your organizational strategy? Xpedio Customized Development Workshops are tailored to help you tackle the specific challenges holding you back. We’ve got the tailored-to-you tools and techniques to formulate a workshop that addresses and provides answers to your unique challenges.

Services Palette
LEGO® Serious Play® Workshops

Transform your organization’s future with LEGO® Serious Play®. Xpedio combines the power of play with innovative problem-solving techniques to help you break down barriers and reach new heights. Because who said transformation couldn’t be fun!

Scan and Sync

Unlock the secrets of your leadership style with Xpedio Scan and Sync. Our comprehensive approach includes Denison Culture Model, Peili, MBTI, and more to reveal unique individual, team, and organisational traits. Xpedio Scan and Sync functions as an enabler of growth, making you aware of your circumstances and empowering you to take action.

Culture Development

Discover the power of a strong company culture with Xpedio Culture Development service. From uncovering your current state to creating a customized strategy for success, Xpedio will help transform your workplace into a thriving, energetic, and productive environment – if you’re ready for it.

Leadership Training

At Xpedio, our goal is to help leaders become equally confident and thoughtful. Our Leadership Training program is designed to help aspiring and established leaders develop the skills they need to reach their full potential. With a focus on communication skills, time management, meeting facilitation, and more, our personalized and interactive approach ensures each participant becomes the best leader they can be.

Customized development workshops

Ready to steer your organization towards a brighter tomorrow? Introducing Xpedio’s Tailored Workshops for Sustainable Growth!

Is it time to redefine your organizational trajectory? Does your leadership team seek clarity, stronger cohesion, or optimized operational strategies? Let Xpedio craft a workshop tailored to your distinct requirements, delicately addressing obstacles hindering your advancement, all while keeping an eye on the horizon. Our methodology fosters robust group involvement, yielding concrete, actionable outcomes.

Armed with bespoke facilitation techniques and innovative methodologies, we are dedicated to delivering transformative experiences to teams with a hunger for progress.

We shun the notion of uniformity. Instead, we provide dynamic workshops, painstakingly customized to resonate with the unique ethos and aspirations of your organization or team. Whether you’re striving to articulate a compelling vision, foster collective ownership of a winning strategy, enhance team synergy, streamline processes, or cultivate an environment of excellence, Xpedio stands as your unwavering ally.

    Mirjami Sipponen-Damonte
    Managing Director tel. +358 400 164 785

    Leadership training

    Unlock the full potential of your leaders with Xpedio’s transformative Leadership Training!

    Our leadership training programs are designed to elevate and transform the leadership culture of your organisation to enable aligned, positive employee experience, competitive employer image, as well as success of individuals and teams. Thus, each training program is tailor-made, intricately linkied to your organization’s strategy and organisation dynamics.

    We champion the philosophy of servant leadership, where leaders assume responsibility for articulating and consistently communicating a compelling vision, purpose, and collaborative work methods. They pivot towards supporting their teams, ensuring they have the requisite resources for success. Through coaching, facilitation, and proactive support, leaders offer constant support for their teams, promoting autonomy and growth. Our aim is not only to empower leaders to propel their teams towards objectives but also to equip them with the tools to inspire each team member, fostering a culture of collective achievement.
    Leadership transcends the mere mechanics of management; it embodies effective communication, authentic engagement, strategic prioritization, empowering delegation, and adept handling of sensitive dialogues with empathy. At Xpedio, we not only acknowledge these attributes but actively instill them.
    Embark on a transformative journey where your development takes precedence.
    With Xpedio’s personalized, interactive methodology, each session marks a stride towards cultivating the confident, empathetic leaders you envision. Rise to the occasion with Xpedio—where leadership evolves beyond management into true stewardship.