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Facilitation Training & Coaching

  • - Facilitation Fundamentals Training

  • - Facilitation Design Training

  • - Online Facilitation Training

  • - Handling Group Dynamics in Facilitation

  • - Facilitation Coaching

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Leadership & Communication Training

  • - Leadership Training & Coaching

  • - Communication Training & Coaching

  • - Feedback Training

  • - Conflict Management Training & Coaching

  • - Sales Communication Training

  • - Denison Leadership Development 360

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Process & Team Development

  • - Kaizen Workshops & Events

  • - Process modeling

  • - Inter-Team Strategy Workshops

  • - Team communication development

  • - Natural Tendencies™ personality analysis

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Workshop & Event Facilitation

  • - LEGO® Serious Play® Workshops

  • - Conference Learning Implementation Sessions

  • - Large Event Facilitation

  • - Ideation & Problem Solving Workshops

  • - Participatory Strategy Development Processes

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Our Service

Our services include all the aspects needed to enable true organisational change. We have top of class expertise in lean process development, workshop facilitation, inter and intragroup communication. To assess the baseline and track the progress we use different diagnostics at organisation, team and individual level.

All our services are designed to formats that offer participatory, engaging and sensory stimulating experience. We give you the initial support needed, but also want to help you build your internal capacity for leading organisational change. Our services are enjoyable to consume individually, for a targeted need, but when you look for a more holistic change, we recommend using a combination of them. Let's design the best solution for you together!

See here an example service combination for developing and implementing customer centric strategy:

Developing & Implementing Customer Centric Strategy

Situation Analysis
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Denison Model

  • Culture Assessment
  • Customer Experience Assessment
  • Result Debriefing Workshops
Co-creating Solutions
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Workshop Facilitaition

  • Cross-Department Customer Experience Strategy Building With LEGO
Building Capacity
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Facilitation Training & Coaching

  • Online Facilitation Skill Training for Account Managers
Setup of progress metrics
Implementing customer experience strategy
Service analysis from customer end
Strategy Creation
Building capacity for client engagement
Building capacity for continuous service development

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