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Strategy defines how an organisation intends to succeed in unforeseen future, in the evermore complex business environment. We'll help you design and deliver an intelligent, engaging and efficient strategy process. We don't see strategy creation and implementation as separate phases but encourage involving already in the creation phase all the parties that need to be part of executing the strategy.

It all starts with designing a successful and engaging strategy process that fits your organisation:

  • Which stakeholders should be involved?
  • How the data will be gathered and analysed?
  • How the progress will be documented and communicated?
  • How and where are the decisions made?
  • How to gain everyone's commitment and ownership to the strategy?
  • How to make strategy development an ongoing process?

We help you design a successful strategy process that fits your organisation, where each piece adds concrete value, the progress is visually documented and easy to monitor.

Gathering Relevant Data for Strategic Planning

  • Stakeholder Workshops: We support you with facilitated stakeholder workshops, focused on gathering specific type of data.
  • Mapping Strategy versus Culture: Denison Organisational Culture Survey helps you to understand how aligned your organisation's culture is with your strategy. With strategy mapping you can see which elements of your culture support your strategy and which areas require immediate attention.
  • Change Trends & Scenarios: We'll help you explore signals that indicate alternative, possible future states. In collaboration with our partner Swanlake Strategies the signals are turned into mathematical models that help you identify the optimal set of scenarios for building a future proof strategy.

Strategy Workshops with LEGO® Serious Play®

The LEGO® Serious Play® is a great workshop method for the data gathering, decision-making and implementation phases of the strategy. This method enables open communication, creative thinking, collective learning, as well as visualising a complex system that enables taking aligned and strong decisions. The workshop documentation is a collection of photos, video clips and visual summaries that can be easily used in subsequent phases of the strategy process. If you need to prioritise, make sure that at least your core strategy team develops their strategic understanding with this method. We offer also specific applications of the LEGO® Serious Play® workshops for developing digital strategies and platform strategies that are particularly powerful for learning about new business opportunities.

Strategy Design Sprints

A Design Sprint is a systemic series of workshops, originally developed by Google, which consists of 3-5 consecutive workshop days. The workshop series includes six different phases: Understand, Define, Sketch, Decide, Prototype and Validate. Within just a few days the process' output is a prototyped and tested solution, co-created with carefully selected service design methods. Design Sprints can be used for speeding up the co-creation of many kinds of solutions – including drafting the first version of a strategy. We design and facilitate Design Sprints both online and offline.

Strategy Visualisation

Seeing your strategy development process in pictures is another way of nourishing the creative thinking. We can include the visualisation in a specific workshop, as support to the whole process and / or have your finalised strategy documented as a visual drawing. Using visuals instead of words helps to connect with the strategy and memorise it more easily.

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