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Facilitation Training to Become a Professional Facilitator

In our practice-based trainings you learn by doing, get concrete tips for different aspects of facilitation and build holistically your preparation and confidence in the role of facilitator.

Xpedio's facilitation trainings are designed to support the development of facilitator's core competences, as defined by The International Association of Facilitators, as well as complementary competences, such as digital facilitation and service design facilitation. We also offer individual coaching paths to support the improvement your meeting facilitation skills or preparation for an important facilitation event.

Facilitation Fundamentals Training (3 days)

In this training you learn different aspects of the role of facilitator and learn to act in this role with awareness. You become familiar with underlying principles and different methods for facilitating creative group processes. You learn how to influence trust-building and creation of safe space in facilitated events. Through practical facilitation exercises and feedback, you will gain experience and confidence, as well as become aware of your strengths and further development areas as facilitator.

Facilitation Design Training (1 day)

This training is purely dedicated to designing successful participatory meetings and events, whether they are in online, face-to-face or hybrid version. Ideally you have a case or a real meeting in mind that you can work on during the training day. During the training we will work with collaborative design tools. You will develop the clarity of your meeting objectives at different levels, learn to allocate right amount of time for different parts of the event, learn methods to build participant engagement and maintain high energy throughout the event. You will exchange feedback with other participants and, hence, get tips of different types of event designs during the day.

Online Facilitation Training (0,5-2 days)

Do you wish to strengthen your ability to create and facilitate engaging online meetings and workshops? Then this training is for you. We recommend organising this training online, to practice on the same platforms in which you want to improve yourself (e.g. Teams, Zoom, Miro). You will learn concrete tips to make the online sessions engaging, energizing and participatory. You will also learn how to apply group facilitation methods to online environment, for example for a creative problem-solving session or a team building session.

Handling Group Dynamics in Facilitation (2 days)

The facilitated process is something you design before hands, but during the session you don't facilitate a process, you facilitate the group. In this training you will learn to understand different group dynamics and group learning process. You will learn tools and techniques to build your confidence with different kinds of participants and your ability to focus on the participant needs, while keeping the overall goal in mind all the time. When mastering these skills, you also help the group to evolve, gain maturity and learn together, as you guide it through different phases and moments with peaceful confidence.

Facilitation Coaching

Do you wish to have personalised support to develop as facilitative leader? Would mastering the facilitation skills contribute to the achievement of your objectives? We can design together a path that fits your specific needs. In addition to one-to-one coaching sessions we recommend that our coach joins your real facilitation situations as observer, so that you can also work on concrete material. Facilitation coaching for a team leader is a strong combination also with the Team Development process

Join us to become a professional Facilitator

After completing the facilitation training with Xpedio, you will actively continue developing your facilitator skills with a wealth of know-how in your own daily work environment. We will give you concrete tools for solving the most common and also challenging group situations so that you manage to create a safe space for open, equal discussion and co-creation. You will be prepared to act confidently in the role of facilitator.

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