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Xpedio's Journey

Xpedio was founded in 2014 as home for outstanding group facilitation, to support empowering individual and organisational development. The Latin word Expedio means clarifying, setting free and bringing forward - exactly what we do through facilitation.

In small picture facilitation is about having great meetings: meetings where everyone's voice is heard and that are closed with concrete outcomes and next steps. In large scale, facilitation is an approach and a skill set needed for future-proof leaders who empower teams, encourage experimentation, believe in the wisdom of the group and are focused on the goal.

We bring an insightful alternative to the traditional top-down management and organisational development. We don't come with answers, but we come with the ability to find the answers from the group or organisation. We help our clients to learn from their staff, customers and other stakeholders. We help leaders become confident and skilled in listening their people and creating together with them, while being effective in the use of time and focused on the goal.

At the core of our way of working lie our values. We continuously aim at outstanding quality in everything we do. We show care to our clients and each other in the team. We want to do the right thing, be transparent and talk straight when needed.

Our team has a wide international work experience and we operate across the world. We are also proud of our Finnish origin. Finland is the forerunner in technology and game development, service design, circular economy and gender equality, to mention some. We are keen on continuously experimenting the newest technologies in our work. We cherish equality in our facilitation and work on creating the right conditions for everyone’s voice to be equally heard, regardless of position, age, gender, race or mother tongue.

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