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Leadership Skills and Communication Skills Training


“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”

George Bernard Shaw

At the end, if the communication doesn't work in organisation, then nothing else works. And yet we are not born with good communication skills, they need to be learnt.Xpedio's communication and leadership trainings are hands-on, experiential and practice-based. We promise insights, higher self-awareness, gentle pressure for change and very concrete tips for immediate application.

Here you can find our training and coaching services, related to leadership skill and communication development. For a specific need you can order a single session, but to create visible, long-lasting change, we recommend designing together a wider development program.

Leadership Skills Training & Coaching

Growing as a leader is a life-long journey of personal growth. First leader needs to be able to manage themselves, own time, priorities, energy and emotions. A leader needs to be aware of their personal values and inner motivators, strengths and development areas. A good leader has a healthy self confidence that enables supporting and giving credit to others. A good leader understands that a condition for obtaining long-lasting results is a motivated and engaged team. Leading others, then, is about communication, communication and hmm.. communication. It's also about ability to find strength in diversity, build connection and trust on individual level. It's about providing always a clear direction and facilitating great meetings where people feel free to share also diverse opinions. When the direction is clear, leading others is not about giving answers but about asking the right questions. Good leadership skill is about choosing intentionally own behaviours for the benefit of the individual and group, meaning sometimes assertiveness, other times empathetic listening, many times both. That's how we see it.

Leadership development in organisations is, and should be, an ongoing process. Get in touch with us to work on an aspect that has received less attention previously or to design together a holistic leadership training development program. We take pride in designing and delivering learning processes with a visible and measurable impact.

Communication Skills Training & Coaching

Our communication trainings and individual coaching paths are meant for anyone who needs to improve their communication skills to better succeed in own current or future role. The trainings are designed for your specific needs and may include such topics as:

  • clarity of communication
  • influencing in matrix
  • active listening skills
  • presentation skills

This is a great training to organise for teams, matrix leaders or personnel, to support everyone's collaboration skills. Ask also about our interactive keynotes on communication for larger audiences!

Feedback Training

Being able to give and receive honest, behaviour-focused feedback is a sign of psychologically safe company culture and a way towards top performance in teams. Unfortunately, this simple and so powerful communication tool isn't often used properly or is avoided altogether.

In our feedback trainings leaders and teams learn to understand the power of feedback both on positive and negative behaviours. They get step-by-step models to exercise with. In the preparation phase we design, in collaboration with the client, case exercises that have the taste of real life. Participants receive detailed feedback on their ability to give feedback, in order to grow awareness of their own strengths and development areas. Teams are encouraged to get started with giving and receiving feedback with appreciation and respect, in a safe atmosphere.

Conflict Management Training & Coaching

Ability to deal with conflict is as much about working on own assumptions related to conflict as on receiving tools to handle conflicts. In our trainings and individual coaching paths participants gain awareness of their own attitude towards conflict, work on their concerns related to dealing with conflict situations and understand their own typical behaviour models. Through provided frameworks, proposed behaviour models and case simulation exercises, accompanied by detailed debriefing, participants gain gradually confidence in dealing with own and others' emotions and conflict situations constructively. Ultimately the conflict is seen as an opportunity for mutual clarification and deeper trust building.

Sales Communication Training

Sales is all about relations. In our Sales Communication Skills Training we focus on the art of building and maintaining long-lasting relations. Participants work on their attitudes and develop techniques for overcoming client resistances, learn models for understanding the wider business context of the client, and develop their capacity to ask the right questions. You will learn to build on your unique strengths and diversity yourself to make a difference.

To support the Sales Communication Training, we recommend our Service Design and Workshop Facilitation services. This enables the sales organisations to develop their customer experience and build wider shared understanding of customer's business, to identify new possibilities.

Denison Leadership Development 360

The Denison Leadership Skill Development 360 is a great way to assess and track the impact of leadership development practices. First of all Denison 360 is a valuable development tool for the leaders. The 360 measures a leader's performance on a set of 12 leadership behaviors linked to high performing business cultures. Based on the Denison Model, this 360-degree assessment benchmarks an individual's leadership skills and management skills to those of leaders in other organisations.

Importantly, the Denison Leadership Development 360 allows leaders to compare their own ratings to those of coworkers and to identify gaps in perceived strengths, weaknesses, and capabilities. Results of the 360 analysis are discussed in individual sessions with the leaders. Let's discuss together whether this might be a solution for your organisation!

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