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Process & Team Development

Team performance is a result of interpersonal communication and work processes. We will help you with both to make your team thrive.

Kaizen workshops and events

Kaizen is a Lean method for continuous improvement designed to improve your processes and information sharing between individuals. It is used to e.g. improve process turn-around time and lead times, reduce mistakes and rework, and to reduce inconsistencies. Kaizen is also a learning journey. After participating a Kaizen workshop and learning to identify 8 waste types in operations, you will see your daily activities through different eyes. Your Kaizen team members start to identify ever more improvement opportunities by reducing waiting times, over processing, motion of people and materials, transportation, over production, inventories, defects and rework as well as underuse of talent.

Kaizen follows a series of activities designed to illustrate the actual truth of your current way of working, including people and machines, and development opportunities. Process current state, problems mapping and problems´ root cause visualization are followed by improvements and future state planning, execution plan and implementation before repeating the cycle again. The scope and form of your Kaizen workshop or event is always carefully designed and adjusted to fit your situation and goals on improving team performance. We are specialized in combining various participatory and innovation awakening methods with traditional Kaizen steps to support your creativity and learning.

Xpedio's Kaizen Workshops offer a fresh package of traditional Kaizen steps, combined with participatory and creative methods to support your team's innovation awakening and learning.

Process Modeling

Making the process visual helps your people to understand the current situation through different viewpoints and dependencies. Building the process visualization together supports co-operation and team development and widens participants' understanding of the end to end process.

In process visualization workshop your team is guided to build common understanding on the current process and identify development needs and opportunities. When your process is supported by robotics, systems and applications, these aspects are included into the visualization as well. If you need BPMN, EPC or other standardized process model of your process as an output, we can help you with that as well. Let us know your needs and we will design process visualization workshop and process modeling that delights you.

Example goals for process visualization workshops:

  • Widen end to end process understanding
  • Identify change impact areas for e.g. organizational or role changes and system replacements
  • Merge processes
  • Ensure common understanding of the situation and targets in e.g. project kick-off phase

Inter-Team Strategy Workshops

In Team Strategy Workshop, you will focus on defining together team's purpose, goals, roles and responsibilities, as well as ground rules to ensure smooth collaboration and agree ahead how to deal with conflicts. This is the foundation for your team's performance.

Team communication development

Communication development is crucial both for teams internally and to ensure smooth collaboration across teams. Ideally the communication development is preceded by Team Strategy Workshop and / or Kaizen Workshops for process development, to build a healthy ground for trust-building and communication. Communication development consists of both building communication practices and improving communication skills. Communication practices can include developing processes for information sharing, for dealing with disagreement and for developing ways of encouraging diverse views. Developing shared goals, learning about each other's work and building trust are all crucial communication aspects to focus on.

Natural tendencies™ personality analysis

The Natural Tendencies™ analysis is an identification of own natural thinking style, done as self-assessment survey. With help of this method, teams become aware of their members' different strengths and use this to improve the team's performance and wellbeing. The analysis recognises the strongest elements of a person's thinking, on which they should base their contribution and further development actions in the team. The underlying belief is that we succeed better in our work and life when we have the possibility to use our natural strengths, rather than focus on correcting our weaknesses. Read more about the analysis here

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